Alex de Carvalho, dance artist and entrepreneur, has begun his dance career in 1996 by joining Jaime Arôxa’s Dance Centre. As a dance performer Alex took part in many TV shows, series and soap operas in Brazil, including in “Dança Dos Famosos”, Brazilian version of the worlwide known TV show “Dancing With The Stars”.
During his long dance career Alex has participated in more than 150 Congresses and Workshops in Brazil and worldwide (Argentina, Switzerland, Nederlands, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Austria, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia). In 2009, Alex de Carvalho got “Medalha Tiradentes”, the most important award in Rio De Janeiro’s state, thanks to his dedication to Dance. Many of the world’s leading Zouk Lambada dancers learned zouk at Alex de Carvalho Dance Company in Rio de Janeiro: Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane, Carlos Oliveira, Daniela Wergles, Rafael Oliveira, William Teixeira and others. In 2014 Alex moved from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, where he created DBAC – French branch of CDAC with regular zouk and samba classes. In Paris he met Mathilde dos Santos that in 4 months became his dance partner. Alex and Mathilde now are one of the most famous and required zouk couples in the world. They spend the whole year travelling to different corners of the world, teaching Brazilian zouk at the biggest zouk Congresses and Festivals worldwide.

Dancer, teacher and choreographer, Mathilde was graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Dance in Paris (CNSMDP) and Palucca Schule Dresden school in Germany, she is specialized in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance / Modern and Jazz. As a latin dance instructor she took part in several International Kizomba Congresses in Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Corsica and Israël. Mathilde also dances in the “Mouaze Salsa (on 2) Сompany” in Paris. She is currently works with Alex de Carvalho, one of the big names in Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira dance.