Carlos Oliveira started his dance career 12 years ago at Centro de Dança Alex de Carvalho (CDAC). In 2005 15-years old Carlos was already a part of “Alex de Carvalho Dance Company”, after “Mamborio Dance Company” and “Rafael Oliveira’s Dance Company”. Carlos was trained in all brazilian social dances such as Samba de Gafieira and Funkeado, Brazilian Zouk, Bolero, Forro, Soltinho and also did contemporary and modern dance courses. As a teacher he worked at several Zouk фтв Samba Festivals around Brazil. In 2012 and 2013 he participated at Carnaval making part of the Commission of the famous Samba school “Inocentes de Belford Roxo”. Carlos also has competed in the biggest Zouk and Samba championships in Rio de Janeiro, such as “Samba Rio Show” in 2012 and 2013 (4d place) and “II International Congress of Zouk Lambada” (3d place). In 2015 Carlos joined the Patrick Carvalho’s team in the prestigious “GAFIEIRA BRAZIL” Championship where he won the audience with his creative Chaplin Samba choreography. In 2016 Carlos spent 3 months teaching and performing at European Zouk Festivals in France, Poland, Holland and Spain. After that he was invited to give classes at “Ipanema Dance Studio” in Russia where he met Anastasia. Since that time Carlos and Anastasia are dancing together/ During 2 years of their partnership they taught and performed in 7 cities in Russia, 5 countries in Europe, 3 states in Brazil, 3 cities in Israel, 2 cities in China and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

Anastasia started dancing zouk in 2009 in Porto Alegre, Brazil when she did her 6 months internship in Brazil. In January 2010 she started learning zouk in one of the most reknowned dance schools in Rio de Janeiro «Academia de Dança Renata Peçanha». Renata’s school had the greatest impact on her technique and style.
When came back to Russia Anastasia began teaching and promoting brazilian zouk being a part of a Piterzouk team. Together with Piterzouk Anastasia was the founder of brazilian zouk in St. Petersburg. In 2010 Anastasia started working with Maxim Chistokletov. Together they have been promoting and developing zouk, giving workshops in different cities around Russia and Ukraine. In August 2011 Maxim & Anastasia organised their 1st Russian Zouk Congress & Championship in St. Petersburg that has become the biggest zouk event in Russia. In 2013 they inagurated “Ipanema Dance Studio” in St. Petersburg where they give regular zouk and samba classes. For some period of time Anastasia also danced with a famous zouk artist Kamacho with whom she taught at the biggest zouk congresses in Europe.
In 2016 Anastasia met Carlos Oliveira and soon began training zouk and samba with him. Together they built a strong partnership that definitely brought a new flavor to a zouk world.