Dj Carioca (Pavel Dobrovolskiy) is a young and ambitious zouk dancer and Dj from St. Petersburg.
He started his Dj career in 2013 playing at regular PiterZouk parties in St. Petersburg.

Dj Carioca participated in several international Festivals in and around Russia:
Corpo Carioca Congress 2013 in St.Petersburg, Russia
Fire Dance Fest 2014-15 in Minsk, Belarus
Swing & Snow Festival 2015 in St.Petersburg, Russia
Siberian Zouk Weekend 2015 in Novosibirsk, Russia

Dj Carioca is now a resident of the biggest zouk parties in St. Petersburg such as PiterZouk and Zoukendary. He was twice nominated in RUSSIAN ZOUK AWARDS as “Dj of the year”.