DJ KAKAH, São Paulo

Dj Kakah has appeared in the dance world in 2009, focusing on West Coast Swing and most recently Brazilian Zouk. In 2011 she started to dedicate herself to Brazilian Zouk, initiating her career as a DJ and producer, having more than 400,000 accesses to her remixes all over the internet. Since 2012 she worked as DJ at several West Coast Swing congresses throughout Brazil. After being asked to play at “SunCity Swing” event in 2013, Kakah was recommended by Cher Peadon (West Coast Swing DJs Global Association founder) to be a part of this group. Members of this association are considered to be the best WCS DJs in the world.

Known internationally for her remixes and Zouk productions Dj Kakah took part in lots of Zouk events around Brazil such as Zouk-se, Fortaleza Soul+Zouk Festival, Zouk Extreme, 2nd International Zouk Lambada Summer Festival, F.I.E.L. 2014, Exalta Afro, UaiZouk, BSB dança and Capital Zouk, In 2015 Dj Kakah went to her 1st international tour and since that time she is playing at the biggest Zouk Congresses in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada and Asia.

Dj Kakah started her career with music for over 10 years ago and today she produces multiple singers, being the only Kizomba producer in Brazil.