DJ VIKING aka Petter Nøding from Oslo, Norway.

Also known under the nickname “The Zouk Viking” – Modern Norwegian Gentleman.
100 % pure, active, dedicated and hard working zouk dancer, teacher and DJ with alot of passion and energy to share.
10 years inside the music industry before he started to dance and DJ, and lots of experience with mixing, different instruments, studiowork, playing concerts, organizing events, teaching, coaching etc.
Feeling is the most important to him. Connection, contact and expression is also important, but without true feeling, we are empty and cannot do the really perform with our full potensial. He is 100 % positive and certain he will bring a magical atmosphere and a amazing feeling to the dancefloor. Lets enjoy zouk together. Share the love, share the passion. Move to improve. Express, not impress. Zouk and love.

dj viking