Jack and Jill competitions are designed to show the skills in social dancing and the ability to improvise with different partners. Competitors register as individuals, are randomly assigned partners and dance to music selected in advance by the competition DJ. Male competitors must register as “leaders” and female competitors must register as “followers”.

Jack and Jill competition will be held on FRIDAY AUGUST, 16 from 18:00-23:00 in Azimut concert hall.

DRESS-CODE: Russian Zouk Championship is an official event. Please take attention to your appearance. If you want to be judged well, first of all, think about how you look. NO sport clothes from workshops is acceptable!

The number of registrations in each division will determine the number of rounds that may be held. Each category must have a minimum of 5 leaders and 5 followers. BZDC points will be awarded for Intermediate, Novice and Newcomer categories.

Points are awarded to the winners and finalists of Jack and Jill Competitions. There must be a minimum number of five couples per category for points to be recorded. Points will be recorded and tracked as follows:

Number of competitors1 place2 place3 place4 place5 placeOther finalists
Tier 1 (5–15 competitors)54321
Tier 2 (16–39 competitors)1086426…10 places — 1 point
Tier 3 (40 и more)151210861 point


Newcomer division is open for all beginner dancers, who have never competed before. Competitors should stay in Newcomers till they get at least 5 Newcomers points to enter the Novice division.

NOVICE Category

Novice division is open for any dancers who have a good level in Zouk. Competitors with fewer than 20 Novice points must compete in this division.


Intermediate division is open for dancers who have earned 20 or more Novice points and less than 30 Intermediate points.


A category for international Zouk instructors who are performing at Zouk Congresses worldwide and have All Stars/Champions status in BZDC system.

If you want to register in a higher category (for example you are a Zouk teacher and you are not comfortable dancing in Novice category and would like to dance in Intermediate), you may submit A PETITION by sending us an email with your video and a brief explanation of the reason(s) for your request. The Chief Judge will consider your petition and approve or deny your petition based on your reasons and dance history. Please note, if you have petitioned to dance at a higher division at one event you may still need to petition at future events until you can prove you worth it getting placed.

You could compete if you hold any of Congress passes. Participation in Jack and Jill is paid in addition. REGISTRATION FEE is 10 Euros PREPAID TILL JULY, 1ST and 15 euros at the door.

Any questions feel free to write us: russianzoukcongress@gmail.com