For the 1st time at Russian Zouk Congress! Special LAMBAZOUK BOOTCAMP with the best Lambazouk couples nowadays: Natasha Terekhina and Zulu and Leo & Ana Paula Gomes! You can expect 3 hours of workshops, focusing on Lambazouk technique and a group performance on Sunday Lambada party with the stars!

– The course will be held separately from other workshops, so you will not loose regular classes
– The registration is in couples in order to garantee ideal male/female ratio
– The minimum level in Zouk necessary is Pre-Intermediate
– All the participants will receive certificates of completing Lambazouk bootcamp
– The language of the course is English
– You can purchase Lambazouk bootcamp separately from other passes or buy Lamba-Pass or Platinum-Pass that include Lambazouk course with other workshops. To choose your pass please go to TICKETS page

If you have any questions regarding this course please write to