Leo Gomes and Ana Paula Gomes are champions of Zouk Lambada Championship at Berg’s Congress 2017 and BRAZIL OPEN competition in 2018. LEO GOMES is a dance teacher and performer from Brazil. His dance experience include:
Classical Ballet – Escola de Dança Alice Arja – 5 years
Jazz – Escola de Dança Alice Arja – 4 years
Dança de Salão, Salsa e Tango- Centro de Danças João Piccolli – 2 years
Samba Funkeado – Academia de Dança Jimmy de Oliveira – 7 years
Brazilian Zouk – Núcleo de Danças Renata Peçanha – 1 year
Lambada – Casa de Salão Renato Dias – 1 year. eo’s career in social dancing started from Samba de Gafieira and Funkeado, he was a teacher and a member of Jimmy de Oliveira’s company from 2008 to 2012. In 2009 he won the 1 place at Samba de Salão competition in Clube Homs in São Paulo. Few years later Leo discovered brazilian zouk and lambada and participated in several Festivals and workshops around Brazil. From 2010 to 2013 he traveled with workshops to different cities around Brazil. In 2014 Leo joined Renata Peçanha’s company and in 2015 he took the 4th place at Zouk Lambada Championship at Berg’s Congress. Soon he won the Zouk Lambada Championship at Brazouka Beach Festival and finally became a champion at Zouk Lambada Championship at Berg’s Congress 2017 and Brazil Open prestigious competition in Sao Paulo in 2018.

ANA PAULA GOMES started dancing from classical ballet and jazz at “Escola de Dança Kátia Bezerra” in Brazil. After 6 years of dedication to ballet and jazz Ana fell in love with lambazouk with her teacher Leo Gomes – that had to be her future dance partner. Together Leo and Ana promote a new vision of lambazouk dancing, that they call URBAN LAMBADA. With this new style the couple has already did several international tours, giving workshops and performing in different countries around the world: Holland, England, Israel, France, Russia, Turkey and others.