Mafie is considered to be the most creative person in zouk. About 20 years ago he appeared on brazilian zouk scene with a new feeling and dancing that he called NEO ZOUK. That’s how a completely new style of zouk was born. Neo Zouk differs from lambada and traditional zouk by its steps, techniques and even music. Being also a famous Brazilian DJ Mafie Zouker created the ZNL = ZOUK NIGHT LOVE group that included such well known brazilian zouk DJs as Arkanjo, Allan Z, Cronus, Lorde Feifer and others. During his long international career like a dancer and like a DJ Mafie taught and played on the most important zouk events all over the world. He continues to be one of the most required zouk teachers and DJ in America, Europe, Russia and Australia.

Anna started to dance when she was 6 years old in Cheboksary and built a successful career in Ballroom dance in Russia. In 2013 Anna went to her first zouk workshop with Maxim and Anastasia in her home city. At that moment she felt in love with zouk and soon started to teach zouk in Cheboksary and visit zouk events all over Russia and Europe. Her elegant style of dancing was very distinctive and very soon she was invited to teach lady styling at Russian Zouk Congress in St.Petersburg. She was also invited to help Mafie Zouker at his classes and after that received more invitations to teach with Mafie Zouker abroad. Since that time Mafie and Anna are working together, living in Brazil and making several international zouk tours worldwide. They are one of the most popular and interesting zouk couples nowadays.