Maxim Chistokletov and Oksana Andreeva – professional zouk dancers and teachers from St.Petersburg, Russia.
Maxim is one of the pioneers of Brazilian zouk in St.Petersbug, he has been teaching and promoting zouk all around Russia for 9 years already. Oksana was a professional modern jazz dancer with 10 years of stage experience when she discovered zouk in 2011. Maxim and Oksana learned zouk following traditional Rio Zouk style, they went to Rio de Janeiro several times to learn from the top zouk instructors and get the real zouk feeling at the parties in Brazil. At the moment Maxim and Oksana teach regular zouk classes at Ipanema Dance Studio – the biggest school of Brazilian social dances in Russia. They travel a lot around Russia and Europe teaching workshops and performing at zouk Festivals in such cities as: Moscow, Novossibirsk, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg, Prague, Amsterdam, Ibiza and others.