Paulo has been dedicated to his Brazilian Ballroom Dance studies for over 10 years. In that time, he has mastered his techniques as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. He teaches classes that range from forro, samba, salsa, and bolero, but with a main focus on Brazilian Zouk. He travels Brazil and internationally teaching workshops at festivals and dance congresses. In addition to these styles, he continues his learning by taking classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary, choreography, and physical therapy classes which add to his holistic dance repertoire. Paulo has performed in shows with tango, samba, salsa, and Zouk dance companies, as well as having participated in diverse Festivals around Brazil.

With all this dancing, Paulo has taken up an interest in studying how to prevent injuries, working alongside his partner, a physiotherapist and a professional ballerina. This methodology has really helped him as well as his students avoid injury and to dance as safely as possible while respecting the body.
Paulo and his partner Luisa teach Zouk study groups in Sao Paulo that focus on studying the fundamentals of partner dance, which includes physical preparation, technique, musicality, social skills and movement as expression.
Paulo Luisa Zouk

Luisa has been studying dance since she was 6 years old. She trained in classical ballet while she was growing up in the South of Brazil, and after studied with the most renowned ballet companies in different parts of the country. Luisa then discovered Brazilian Ballroom dance, which she has been teaching in Sao Paulo for 9 years. She teachers styles ranging from forro, tango, samba, salsa, bolero, and has specialized in Zouk. She has taught workshops at congresses, cruise ships, corporate events, in addition to her regular weekly classes in Sao Paulo.

Luisa has been part of a few well-known dance companies: Alma de Tango and Tango e Paixao, as well as the salsa dance company, Conexao Caribe and Cia Soul Art. She continues to add to her repertoire but continuing her own studies of ballet, hip hop and contemporary dance, as well as working with her partner and a physiotherapist to understand how to prevent injury.

She has won awards in classical ballet as well as with her partner, Paulo Victor, in Brazilian Zouk championships. Luisa’s vast knowledge in dance allows her to mix the styles to create a fusion that is beautiful. She loves to inspire, teach technique and allow students to express themselves through dance.