Zouk Show division represents choreographed zouk performances by rising-star zouk couples. The shows will take place at the Sunday party, August, 18 in Azimut concert hall.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Technique, Musicality and Artistry

1. Lifts, aerials, acrobatic moves are all allowed but not required
2. Dance costumes are required
3. Performance time is a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes
4. Movements from another dance styles are allowed (contemporary, jazz, hip-hop etc.) but the zouk part must take 70% of the whole show
5. A minimum number of 3 registrations are required to run this division. In a case of two or less registrations the division will be canceled and entry fees will be refunded.
6. Competitors must register and pay the registration fee 25 euros per couple by July, 1st. We will not be taking registrations at the event
7. A couple must send the music to organizers till August,1st