Gilson started dancing Lambada 27 years ago when the dance was very popular. Since the moment he fell in love with this dance, he spent years of love and dedication on LambaZouk – style (which has its origin in Lambada style).In 1991 he brought LambaZouk to Argentina, and transformed it into one of the most attractive dances, desired by Argentineans. There, he participated in TV – shows and performed as a dancer with famous artists. In 1992 he started a successful Brazilian nightclub called “Porto Seguro”, where he started to teach various Brazilian dance styles such as LambaZouk, Forro, Samba de Gafieira, and Axe. They also performed at different events. In 1997, he began to organize Brazilian LambaZouk parties in the most famous club in Buenos Aires, “Maluco Beleza”, which continued for eight years. In 2004 he was invited to Europe for the first LambaZouk Dance Congress in Barcelona organised by Daniel and Leticia. There he met a lot of dance teachers from Europe, including Claudia de Vries. In 2006 Claudia invited him for her second BrasaZouk Congress. This was his first time in Holland. From that moment Gilson started his project to travel around the world to expand LambaZouk. From 5th May 2014 until 18th January 2015, Gilson danced with Brazouka Dance Company and he performed in different countries such as: Scotland, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. Together with Natasha Terekhina he traveled all over the world with LambaZouk. As part of his project to expand LambaZouk to Europe, Gilson teaches weekly in the Netherlands. Gilson is well known for by his clear explanation of techniques and of the best way to lead a partner. He is surely one of the best LambaZouk teachers in the world!

Natasha was born in Russia, in a small Siberian town called Kemerovo. She started with classical Ballet and traditional Russian dance at the age of 4 and has been developing, performing, teaching and choreographing since then. In 2004 she moved to Spain, Salou, where she started dancing Salsa and soon LambaZouk. Her LambaZouk career started in 2010 working with Gilson Damasco. She moved to Amsterdam to train with Gilson and together they traveled to the biggest zouk events around Europe, Brazil, Russia and Australia. In 2014 Natasha was invited to the big dance company “BRAZOUKA” for a theater show tour around big cities in the world. After that Natasha started her new partnership with William Dos Santos in Rio Zouk Style. Natasha had the pleasure to work with a lot of international teachers around the world like Zulu, Adilio Porto, Kadu Pires, Carlos Da Silva, Alex de Carvalho, Renato Dias, Braz Dos Santos and more. Now she is back to LambaZouk with Gilson to make everyone happy to see them dancing together again!